Services I Offer:

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  • Permaculture Design
  • Earth Acupuncture
  • Mushrooms
    Harvest to order;
    Custom inoculation of mushroom logs and garden beds;
    Mushroom identification, utilization and preparation.
  • Wildcrafting
    Special orders filled;
    Medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms, wild berries;
    Drying fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms.
  • Garden Design
  • Medicinal Teas and Tinctures
    Like Ganoderma oregonense (Oregon Reishi) mushroom tincture (complete product list coming soon);
    Custom tea blends.
  • Workshops, Classes & Forays
    For all ages;
    See the Events Calendar;
    Subjects include Ethics & Principals of Wildcrafting; Introduction to Permaculture, Home Mushroom Innoculation and more;
    Forays, with eight to eleven people, are guided excursions into natural places for the purposes of learning, improving observation skills, harvesting or design.

Gabriel Gaul: Qualifications

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